The Ninth Circle Alliance welcomes you…

Hello out there,

The Ninth Circle Alliance is the brainchild of Emiel Kollof, as he wanted to start a collective of artists that release all kinds of art in the Creative Commons. Of course he isn’t just talking the talk, he’s walking the walk too. Just like anyone else who does something with the Alliance, Emiel releases his music under the Ninth Circle Alliance umbrella.

Also, even though the Ninth Circle Alliance has its roots in Satanism and the Occult, it doesn’t have any bias towards any religion or philosophy. Everyone is pretty much welcome to contribute and/or collaborate. Just drop us a line and inform the Ninth Circle Alliance of your intent.

Currently, the following people are part of, or have contributed to the Alliance:

  • Emiel Kollof (Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drums)
  • Venger Satanis of the Cult of Cthulhu (Lyrics for “Carved into the Stars”)
  • Nick Nankoff (Lyrics for “Fleshwound”)
  • You? (drop me a line)

The Alliance welcomes all kinds of artists, be it visual, musical, or anything else. The Ninth Circle Alliance will gladly adopt your art if:

  • It’s licensed with a CC-by or CC BY-SA license.
  • Can be reproduced and distributed digitally.

Keep an eye on the blogs, as there will be regular releases!

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